We offer French inspired dishes, specialty coffee along with wine and beer from all over the world, in a casual yet formal space.

Just like bistros located all over the city of Paris, such as the French deli on a street corner, Bitcoin.Cafe is casual, yet unusual. Please enjoy a lineup of delicious food and drinks only at Bitcoin.Cafe.

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※ Our menu will be published soon and we thank you for your patience

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Company Profile

Company name 株式会社Bitcoin.Cafe (Bitcoin.Cafe Co.,Ltd.)
Head office 150-0002
Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-11-5 Cross Office Shibuya 1F Medio
TEL : 03-4520-6205
Established August 29, 2013
Source of Food The ingredients for our food are sourced in an ethical manner. We only use organic poultry that we get from local chicken farmers. We are proud to support these local farmers who we understand are also happy to give lessons on building a coop and rearing chickens as they believe that there is nothing better than home-grown organic poultry.
  1. Cafe serving food and drinks
  2. Event, campaign, briefing planning, holding and management agency
  3. Goods planning, manufacturing and sales
  4. Internet, mail order using mobile information terminals, etc.
  5. All incidental businesses