Home Decor: These Nerdy Novelty Pillows Will Allow You To Express Your Inner Nerd

When we were kids, I’m sure many of us had novelty bedsheets whether it was NASCAR or Power Rangers, with the lucky few even having the privilege of novelty beds themselves. As kids, having those bedsheets was considered ‘cool’ and ‘totally wicked awesome’. Well as we grow and mature into adulthood, society deems it weird for a fully grown adult to  still be having Captain Planet bedsheets, proving once and for all that society tries its best to mold adults into boring worker drones. As adults we can only express ourselves through acceptable corporate brands, such as being an Apple fanboy, or a luxury watch enthusiast. You can be different, but not too different (I’m so different, I use this memory foam pillow which is voted the best pillow for neck pain, take that conformists! That’s really because I suffer from neck pains due to using pillows without adequate support in the past)

So what’s a grownup nerd to do then? Well for sure you can keep your latest videogame consoles and gaming PCs in your wife-allowed ‘man cave’, but what if you wish to express your inner nerd in even more areas of your life? Well, have no fear, because these nerdy novelty pillows are here!

  1. Nintendo Game Boy Pillow – This novelty pillow which is obviously shaped like a massively oversized Nintendo Game Boy will allow you to reminisce on the good times of playing Mario Bros or Street Fighter on your game boy as a kid. The best part is that the game boy front is not just a screen print; it’s actually additional layers stitched on top for a more realistic 3-D feel (the A and B buttons are even small tiny round cushions sewn on top). A great addition for your nerd den (or bedroom, if you live alone and don’t care too much about bringing back overnight guests); bonus points if you actually play your real Nintendo Game Boy while resting on this pillow.
  1. Space Invaders Pillow – Was Space Invaders one of the most addictive games ever created? Based on my personal experience, I would say 100% yes. I must have blown countless hours into that game (that I really should have used to play outside and get some exercise, but I digress) and these pillows, measuring 14 inches by 14 inches each with those famously pixelated aliens represented in white on a dark blue background are a great way to reminisce on such good times while chilling on your couch. All the different alien designs are represented of course.
  1. star-trek-pillowsGlow In The Dark Star Trek Pillows – Ahhhh, Trekkies. No quicker way to set them off than by insulting Captain Kirk or Picard or saying one is better than the other; depending on the Trekkie you might either get vehement agreement or a challenge of a nerd duel to the death. If you are a diehard Trekkie, then what better way to demonstrate your love than by these Star Trek Glow in the Dark Pillows? Featuring designs of either the Enterprise or Spock (silhouetted in black with the Starfleet Academy logo outlined in silver), these pillows are almost a must-have for the hardcore Trekkie.
  1. Super Mario Bros Question Mark Pillow – Speaking of game boys and Mario Bros here comes the Super Mario Bros Question Mark pillow! While this pillow does not feature our mustached Italian protagonists, it does feature the iconic ‘question mark block’ that made you crave what was inside when playing the game; simple token or mushroom? Unfortunately no matter how many times you whack your head on this pillow, the only mushroom you might find will be the lump that grows on your head.
  1. NES Controller Pillow – Another old school geek classic, there must be legions of nerds out there who still have their NES controller gathering dust in their attic or garage. While most NES games can now be reliably emulated on your computer, nothing beats the feeling of playing it on the NES itself. The NES Controller pillow then is a great addition to your geek den, and comes in a four set, two large and two small with the larger pillows measuring 18 inches by 9 inches and the smaller ones measuring 12 inches by 6 inches. They’re comfortable too, made of ecospun felt, and would no doubt make great geeky couch pillows.

Geeks everywhere rejoice; while you may have been made fun of in school, you can rest assured that you are the ones that have gotten the last laugh, what with your computer science and engineering degrees and your six-figure salaries. So why not flaunt your geekiness, it is part of who you are after all, and get some of these nerdy novelty pillows?