Tips On Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Bedroom


Mattresses come in so many different versions, types and firmness that it can be mind blogging when trying to decide which is best for you. For anyone who has back pain at all, it is certainly better to opt for firmer mattresses. Just make sure that the base of the mattress comes with a divan. A solid divan can make a world of difference, in terms of the overall support and comfort that you can get out of it. Your back pain problems will certainly diminish as well with the help of a solid and firm mattress.

organic-mattressFor those concerned with mattress prices, we recommend trying out a pocket sprung mattress. Pocket sprung mattresses are very flexible in the sense that they have a huge price range, which means you get to decide how much you wish to spend on it. Obviously, the higher the price is, the more features and support you’re essentially getting from the mattress. The better ones will probably have a higher spring count, which is necessary especially if your mattress size is huge. A king size mattress, for example, requires a much higher spring count in order to maintain its comfort. A higher spring count also means that less pressure is exerted on each spring, thus allowing all of them to last longer as a whole. Take a look at these king mattresses if you are searching for the best king size mattress in the market today.

If you’re thinking about using your mattress for the next 10 years or so, you may as well pay the premium now so that you don’t have to change it as often. The cheaper mattresses might only last you 5 years or so. The support factor is equally as important in choosing the right type of mattress for you. For example, if a mattress is heavily padded on the top, that adds a solid amount of support and that can be important especially for heavy users. Heavy people might find thinner mattresses a huge nuisance since it will feel like they are sleeping on a really hard surface when there’s not enough material to compress due to their weight.

In such scenarios, open coil mattresses could be the solution. With an open coil mattress, the springs are essentially grouped together as a whole in the bottom or middle layer. With this, the entire mattress is essentially supported by all the springs at once. This allows equal weight distribution across the entire surface, something which pocket sprung mattresses do not allow for. Pocket sprung mattresses, on the other hand, have hundreds or in some cases thousands of individually pocketed springs which are then compiled together in the mattress.

Because of the extra work that have to be put into wrapping each individual coil as well as making sure they function perfectly, pocket sprung mattresses are considered a luxury by many. As a result, these tend to be much more expensive too. Each spring moves independently of one another, which is great for couples who’re sharing a single bed. When one person gets up from one side of the bed, the mattress remains perfectly still on the other side. Motion transfer is not as noticeable on this mattress than any others, including memory foam mattresses.